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Teller of Tales

Play for real money

Welcome to the best game for those who want to relax and unwind in a homely atmosphere and comfort! Teller of Tales is the most relaxing and calming game you can find. You have to relax and become the main character of the book! Everything around belongs to you in that story since you are the one around whom the whole story revolves. And be sure that at the end of the book you will have a happy ending because that story is about you! Try it yourself, and make sure that the slot is the gateway to the world of peace and warmth.

Teller of Tales is a unique slot that greets the player with an amazing atmosphere of coziness and comfort. A fire burns in a beautiful fireplace that adds home comfort to the overall atmosphere. The gambler finds himself in a rich, inhabited room where the same reader of the story meets him. That reader sits in a chair and reads the book that tells the story of your adventures and achievements. He will also periodically comment on achievements and praise you for all your exploits in the book. You will also receive an award for such a worthy literary masterpiece. That is a unique opportunity, as you will be able to have a good rest in a cozy atmosphere and get the sea of praise and the ocean of gold!

The slot also allows gamblers to test the beta version to see the high quality of the slot for free. It will also help you make sure that the slot suits your tastes and preferences before you jump into the full version of the slot. After that, the player can start the full game for real money and start winning as much as he wants! Teller of Tales is a world where everything belongs to you because you are the main character. And the main characters of the books never fail, so your victory is only a matter of time!